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What is TLC?

Team Lake  County (TLC) is a collaboration of non-profit, faith based, local, state or national organizations that work together to share information and resources which can help address the needs of individuals and families affected by the Valley Fire disaster, and other 2015 fires in Lake County. 

What is LTRG?

Team Lake County is the official Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG) formed as a response to the Presidentially declared disaster called the Valley Fire.  The LTRG is a framework for coordinating volunteer organizations active in a disaster to minimize duplication while working to satisfy the unmet needs of disaster survivors.


Team Lake County’s mission is to assist in identifying unmet needs of those affected by disaster, and to coordinate access to resources that would provide relief. 

How do we help?

TLC will pick up where Federal, State and County agencies leave off.  We will perform our own community assessment to find out what the unmet needs are, then work directly with families to meet their needs through our partner agencies and volunteer network.  We will work until available resources are exhausted.

What is VOAD?

Many of TLC's national parters are members of the National VOAD.  The National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (National VOAD) is a coalition of 50 major national nonprofit and faith-based organizations with committed missions to domestic disaster-related services. With over 40 years of respected service collaboration, the National VOAD member agencies provide skilled direct services along the continuum from disaster prevention and preparedness to response, recovery and mitigation. The National VOAD member agencies provide their services through comprehensive, coordinated volunteer resources in partnership with emergency managers. This cooperative effort has proven to be the most effective way for a wide variety of volunteers and organizations to work together in a crisis.  For more information about National VOAD visit 


What Kind of Help is Available?

Through our case management process, many diverse needs will be identified and TLC is ramping up to be able to address everything from providing basic food and healthcare assistance to performing home repair and complete home rebuilds.  We have a number of partner organizations who have programs in place to support all manner of needs so our job will be to identify where those needs lie and work with our partners to meet those needs quickly.  Some clients will require travel re-imbursements, rental assistance or even home furnishings; no need is too big or too small, we simply need to ensure that our donor dollars and volunteer labor is being used effectively so that we can work to meet as much of the need as possible.  TLC does not discriminate and we will work to compassionately address the needs of anyone affected by the recent fires in lake County so we can all move forward together.

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